Prices are in Euros with VAT included.

Minimum Rental period is 24 hours, a delay of 60 minutes to 24 hours will be charged an extra day of rental.

Deposit is required in the amount set by R Rent a car.

Payment is made in advance by cash, Visa or Master cards or payment on account.

Unlimited Mileage is acquired if the vehicle is used the entire duration of the lease on the territory of Montenegro. If the vehicle gets across the border, the total mileage involved is 200km per day. Excess is calculated at 0.10 e per kilometer. If you want to travel abroad, we are offering you the unlimited mileage option for a daily extra charge of 15 euros for VW UP and VW Polo, and 20 euros for VW Golf.

The usage of the vehicle outside the borders of Montenegro is allowed only with the written consent of R Rent-a-car center.

The Casco insurance does not cover damage made to tires, wheels, the undercarriage of the vehicle and the drive mechanism of a vehicle, unless there has been a traffic accident. In the case of accident, robbery or damage made to the vehicle, the police record is required (Police station 122).

Parking Penalties and fines for traffic violations are the responsibility of the user.

Fuel is not included in the price and is paid by the user, unless the vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel they collected it with.

Minimum driver age is 21, possession of a driver’s license: minimum 2 years.

<h2>Minimum driver age</h2> <h2>Minimum driver age</h2>

R rent a car

In the last 15 years operating in Montenegro R RENT A CAR has been recognized as one of the leading rent-a-car companies on the market of Montenegro. The R rent-a-car is well known not only for its high quality services, but also for its vehicle fleet, which consists of the latest models of the prestigious automotive brands such as Volkswagen.

R rent a car